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Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity
Part 2
 Itron corporate partners in 2010 for industrial Internet, called Internet of Things 

By Mario Dufour


Quebec's main power utility, Hydro-Quebec (H.Q.), presents itself as the mastermind behind its meshed WiFi system of so-called smart meters, for which the state-owned corporation would have contracted Accenture consulting firm for advice in the brilliant plot of theirs.

What is obvious after analysis is that Accenture leads the project, for which the firm gets paid handsomely by its subcontractor (H.Q.), making the regional deployment of its "automated meter reading--advanced metering infrastructure" in compatibility with computer technology of the consortium to which it belongs, the Cisco Smart-Grid Ecosystem. It is a sophisticated ploy illustrated by the phrase "have your cake and eat it too." A gem of self-financing and greed.
Consortium of Cisco Smart-Grid Ecosystem

The trick is repeated at each location where the company goes under the lead of the future visionary planners of the consortium. Accenture is active in 59 countries and as we have mentioned in the article Smart Meters And Wolves Sheep Pen, the goal is the creation of an industrial internet and the mesh of all communications of information on energy grids and services in all countries is an essential part of it.

In this light, it is essential to read between the lines when Hydro-Quebec justifies its adoption of this technology by "the possibility of technological evolution may be possible to offer new services to customers and to implement management measures network." A half-truth and looking at the chart above, we can understand the insured failure that faced all suppliers who were not part of the club and who participated in the tender. The dice were loaded.


In the December 7, 2012, H.Q. application R-3788-2012 for electricity service conditions, Quebec energy regulator, Regie de l'energie, has allowed changes that are similar to those applied across all North America and around the world where rampant Accenture and other radiofrequencies-based "smart grids" greedy promoters are at large.

For example, the opt-out option with fees and monthly punishment payment are always part of the deal. Changes in conditions of services also. As I might repeat myself, opt-out options constant changes in conditions of services are a new corporate trend with morality similar to pyramid schemes. These are serfdom tools for Facebook and other Google in their search for hegemony and profits.

In their cases, if we do not like it, we stop to use their junk and the problem is solved. But, we are dealing here with a state-owned energy-distribution company. The citizen is a shareholder of H.Q. and is also its captive customer. So, he has just been duped, since those conditions were not present in previous versions and he is left with only one choice; bend to the new conditions. Emigrate? But to where?

This monstrous industrial project consists of enclosing all populations of all countries in the meshes of their radiofrequency-based information-gathering net, that they have the guts to call ecosystem. Toxic.

So toxic, that the World Health Organization (WHO)/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared that radiofrequencies are possibly carcinogenic, despite the tremendous pressure from the industry. Which should already command the utmost caution. 

Yet, in application D-2012-127, R-3770-2011, 2012 10 05 we read "new generation meters that plans to install the Distributor have the advantage and ability to communicate with each other if they cannot communicate directly with a router due to topographic or other obstacles. This way, the meters form a dynamic mesh network that enables the relay of information at all times, regardless of topography. "

While logic would dictate a search to reduce exposure to radiofrequencies and the application of the precautionary principle, the net is thrown across the territory. 

When was the time to discuss health issues, the regulator Richard Lassonde at the administrative tribunal of Regie de l'energie dismissed as biased the testimony and report of David O. Carpenter, a public-health physician who is, by the way, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, a Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization and renown worldwide for his expertise on radiofrequencies health issues. Instead, he concluded on the baseless opinion of Ministry of Health and Social Services, the directors of public health and the Agencies of public health and social services, who all depend on H.Q. revenues, that their gadgets were safe enough. 


This global deployment and the identity of the prime contractor is partially revealed in the text of the decision of the authority regardingR-3770-2011, September 30, 2011, when Hydro-Quebec is opposed to the disclosure of the document entitled "Accenture's AMR-AMI initiatives markers in North America" (Chapter 2.2.1 in the text).

The distributor submits an affirmation of Mr. Vito Calabretta of Accenture Ltd (sic) expressing that "disclosure of the information contained in Exhibit HQD-1, Document 2 would likely be a serious detriment to the economic interests of Accenture, would cause economic loss by providing a significant advantage to its competitors and thus hurt substantially to its competitiveness. Disclosure to stakeholders of this document will also not be permitted, even under strict conditions of confidentiality."

In document R-3770-2011, October 5, 2012, Hydro-Quebec will cites Accenture as if Accenture's judgment had the value of a neutral arbitrator, independent and indisputable.

Here are some excerpts where Accenture evaluates HQ in the advancement of the project: "The Distributor recalls the following evaluation of the project carried out by the firm Accenture, mandated by the Distributor for the purpose of evaluating the Project:
- H.Q. followed good practice and the various returns of experience;
- The possibility of developing additional functionality has been taken into account (scalability)." Here a small red light should have illuminate. The Internet of Things. Not to mention that it seems like reading comments on the ballot of a primary school toddler. 

In response to stakeholders who question its technological choices, "This exercise has demonstrated that the firm Accenture has confirmed in his report that the technology upheld by the Distributor follows the trend currently observed in the market, which positions the mesh-type radio frequency technology to the forefront of IMA projects in North America."

This is indeed a major trend that is imposed by the Cisco Smart-Grid Ecosystem where Accenture belongs. It is not a coincidence of a pure and free market.

Elsewhere, "These findings are also supported by the firm Accenture."

About H.Q. efficiency in the massive deployment, "Accenture confirms that the Distributor is already following all recommendations and considers that the implementation of the massive deployment will be done as efficiently as possible."

On the scalability, "Distributor demanded its metering providers that their technology allows the implementation of additional features as confirmed by the firm Accenture."

About data security, HQ says "As for data security and integrity of systems that generate, communicate or store, Distributor recalls that it has made a fundamental issue and that his calls proposal have ensured that the technologies meet the highest levels of IT security." But security for whom?

Certainly not for the subscriber from whom they collect metadata without his knowledge.
About this security, it also reads: "The firm Lofty Perch confirmed the safety of data processed by the system and confirmed that the project meets the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology." This is not even Canadian. Have we become a US state without knowing it?

We are screwed the same as anyone everywhere else where members of the Cisco Smart-Grid Ecosystem arise.

One of the most fabulous example of trickery they use is the calculation of RF exposure, which is based on an average over time of 50 μW / "-"-m2. But that does not make sense, because the meters do not transmit continuously but by millisecond pulses every twenty seconds or so.

It's a bit like putting your hand on a burning plate a split second and calculating an average over a minute to determine the heat to which you have been exposed. When you make a smartmeter reading at one meter of distance, you get 60,000 μW / "-"-m2! An electromagnetic whiplash at least three times a minute and 24/7. 

Do not count on any adaptive theory to get you out of this hell; living things never adapted before to whip lashes, bullets nor electromagnetic weapons.

And now you know who holds that whip.


Accenture, whose headquarters are located in Ireland, a tax haven, is present at the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the S & P 500 index. His best performance is in the field of "outsourcing", meaning moving jobs to countries where working conditions are terrible. The firm is very active in the Philippines and India.

Employees leave as soon as they can, when realizing they were duped in a white-collar bondage akin to slavery.

Its quest for profit knows no bounds; fraud, collusion, theft of trade secrets, breach of worker rights. Its incompetence is phenomenal. Its attacks on democracy are also well documented.

To give you an insight in bulk:


In May 2013, a US Appeals Court confirmed a judgment against Accenture (1) to pay $ 44.4 million to Wellogix Inc. for stealing their technology and maliciously misappropriating its trade secrets. Accenture was ordered to pay $ 26.2 million in compensation for damages 18.2 million for punitive damages.

Suit alleges that the three companies formed an alliance with vendors and have been giving each other kickbacks on government contracts since the late 1990s (1).
Accenture received more than $20 million in payments from alliance partners between 2000 and 2006, the DOJ alleged. In some cases, the alleged kickbacks came in the form of stock purchase agreements, the DOJ said in its filing.

The Department of Justice has announced that a $64 million settlement has been reached in a whistleblower lawsuit filed in Eastern District of Arkansas (1) against Accenture LLP which alleged the technology service company rigged bids, inflated prices, and paid kickbacks.

Accenture, a company for technology services and consultancy, was sued by the state of Connecticut for losing confidential information (1) related to hundreds of accounts in the state's banks and 58 Connecticut taxpayers.
ScanSource says Avanade lied about its ability to do the job, resulting in a project disaster.

British Gas is suing Accenture for -182m in costs connected to the failure of a new billing system put in place by the consultants in 2006.
Problems with the system led to a massive increase in complaints against the gas supplier. Centrica, British Gas's parent company, has already written off -200m due to problems with the system.

The first class action against Accenture Inc., holds the consulting firm discriminated by using a 10-year-old conviction record to automatically disqualify Roberto Arroyo from a full-time job even after he'd proven himself (1). The second alleges the U.S. Census Bureau's requirement that all applicants be run through the FBI database and provide proof of the dispositions of any arrests, was onerous and discriminatory.

Law360 (1), New York (April 26, 2010, 3:42 PM ET) -- Accenture LLP has been hit with a class action alleging the consulting and outsourcing firm discriminated against older information technology workers.

CASE NO. 30-2011-00496293-CU-OE-CXC (1)
On August 1, 2011, a former salaried, exempt employee of Accenture Inc. ("Accenture") filed a lawsuit seeking to represent a class of current and former "exempt" employees of Accenture who worked in California in any Analyst, and similarly situated positions, from August 1, 2007, to the present. The lawsuit alleges that Accenture failed to pay its information and technology ("IT") workers overtime, failed to provide meal periods, failed to provide rest periods, failed to timely pay wages to employees at the time of separation from Accenture, failed to provide accurate itemized statements, and implemented unfair business practices.

A circuit court judge ruled on June 2, 2005, (1) that the Elections Board's director did not have the authority to enter into the agreement with Accenture, but nevertheless upheld the contract on the grounds that the board retroactively ratified the contract on January 27, 2005 - more than a month after the contract was legally challenged.

The selection of Accenture to develop Wisconsin 's voter-registration list is particularly controversial. The company had a hand in the notorious purge of suspected felons from Florida voter lists before the 2004 elections. More on Accenture's role in the Florida felon purge.



Here is an index of a long list of articles about Accenture's incompetence :

Accenture can't design or build voter-registration databases


A 13-page report of the Polaris Institute in June 2003 (1) draws a portrait, to dressed your hair up on the head, of Andersen Consulting in 2001 which became Accenture. 1998 Activities for 2003.

Some excerpts from Section 4. Social Profile:

Ontario Welfare - The Canadian Province of Ontario's contract for social services delivery, essentially privatized welfare during the duration of the contract (which was to be for 4 years, but has gone over that limit by more than a year). As of March 2002, Accenture has been paid $246 million (CND) to do this "overhaul of the Ontario welfare service", even though the original estimate was $50 - $70 million and the project was eventually capped at $180 million. At one point, Accenture billed taxpayers $26,000 in unreceipted out of pocket expenses and Accenture management was paid up to $575/hour. In 1999, a year after the Auditor General of Ontario put out a scathing report on the contract, hourly rates paid to Accenture management actually rose (3%), rather than being cut. After this, the government was forced to finally renegotiate a cut to Accenture's billing rates. The Ontario government cut welfare payments to $355.71 per child in poverty and fired massive numbers of social service workers, making this contract essentially a transfer from those in need to those in Accenture.

New Brunswick, Canada - Welfare system - cancelled a $60 million contract with Accenture when project cost estimates ballooned to $144 million. Despite the cancellation being based on Accenture's failure to uphold the contract terms, the province had to pay Accenture $2.9 million in a severance package to cancel this.

Shell Oil - Accenture has been a Shell Oil consultant in Nigeria, where Shell has been known as a particularly serious environmental and human-rights violator.

Invested for years in Indonesia. Investment dollars such as these were part of the billions in investment from multi-national corporations, which helped keep Suharto's dictatorship alive. This investment helped to keep the Suharto regime in power, a regime which has brought genocide to the people of East Timor.


Jerri New, President of the Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378 (which represents employees of BC Hydro and Accenture), making comments in February 2003 after the BC Hydro/Accenture deal was announced: "This Privatization is now final, but this is the first chance British Columbians have had to see any of the details. There has been no chance for public review of this huge change, as it's all been done in secret until now."

Ontario Auditor General in the 2002 annual report: "In many respects, I consider the Ministry's involvement with Accenture to have been a very expensive lesson in how not to implement a new IT-based service-delivery system.
Said Liberal MLA Gerry Phillips to [then] Community and Social Services minister Janet Ecker: "If you wanted to have almost an SCTV skit on how not to engage a consultant, it would be this, Andersen Consulting made you look like a fool" ["Deal Likened to SCTV Skit" Computing Canada, November 23, 1998]

Quoted from the State Auditor of Accenture's Nebraska contract for social services provision: "The most wasteful I have ever heard of. It's like pouring money down a deep dark hole."


On 6 June 2013, the Office of Inspector General of the United States Postal Service did sound the alarm of potential fraud, writing in a memo "This presents potential fraud alert management Risks-associated with Accenture Federal Services Contracting Practices (Project Number 12YG038CA001) That Were compiled from prior US Postal Service Office of Inspector General audits and investigations. "


We could go on for days and months to expose the dishonesty of this company by digging activities country by country, project by project and area by area. I will conclude with a case typical of the unhealthy and immoral philosophy of Accenture, the medical records management system that the National Health Service in the UK has tried to implement since 2002 (1).

The project was launched under the responsibility of Accenture. A contract of about $ 4 billion. The company has thrown in the towel at the extent of its fiasco in 2006 (2), putting the blame on its subcontractor.

They reneged on their contract because they were making losses, about $ 140 million in profits (3). Obviously, their payments were contingent on success (is this the case with H.Q.?).

Then, the project continued with another consulting firm, along with a new subcontractor, who took the precaution to include a contract termination compensation of nearly $ 4 billion. The system does not work and will cost more than $ 20 billion at the end of its "useful" life in 2017 (1).

Since 2011, thanks to the monumental collapse of the project they had started and abandoned, having taken the time to be forgotten, Accenture has returned to the charge with a new subcontractor, TPP (4) and a biased house survey claiming that the British were ready to change doctors to have access to an electronic medical record (5). The firm began to canvass Ru's hospital foundations, one at a time, and is now putting markers in an attempt to close the installation of its system in 2017 on the corpse of its previous catastrophe. When things will collapse, TPP will receive the blame.

It would have been easier in 2002 for the National Health Service to access, as does the firm, hire a senior IT consultant (and not a fresh graduates to pilot the boat, like Accenture did) and offer a well paid job to develop a strong electronic patient records from open-source existing solutions (6).


Now, you realize the huge financial risks that would mean leaving any institution near you continue with these scams implemented by such corporate offender. In the case of Hydro-Quebec, Accenture uses Cisco Ecosystem partner in crime Capgemini as subcontractor. A company also specialized in "outsourcing", probably chosen for its propensity to discredit itself, providing a perfect scapegoat to be blamed when the house of cards will come to crumble.

There is hope. At the time of this writing, three high administrative figures at H.Q. just jumped out of the boat in a mysterious synchronism. The President and CEO, Thierry Vandal, quits two years before its terms. Simultaneously, the Executive Vice President, Marie-Josee Nadeau, and the general manager of the smart-meter program, Georges Abiad, also jumped out of the luxury ship in "search of new challenges". Due to the law of probability, it is no coincidence. 

Some might say that it is quantum-mechanic probabilities at its best but, stuff that smells shows that it is entropy-law related.

Result of Police investigations? Whistlebowers?

Don't bet. There is nothing to win. Except, if you have useful information and you contact authorities that are not meshed in the network; you might get your prosperity back.

In Quebec : L'Unite permanente anticorruption (UPAC), 1 844 541-UPAC (8722), online reporting;

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Par Mario Dufour

2030! Patrice Lavoie, ancien porte-parole d'Hydro-Québec, vient d'être condamné au pénitencier à vie pour avoir fait la promotion des compteurs Wi-Fi jadis appelés bêtement "compteurs intelligents", une technologie qu'il savait rendre infertile, cancérogène, débilitante et morbide.

Le moment fort de son témoignage est sans doute celui où, gesticulant de la main droite en pointant de son index l’équipe des procureurs, il déclara dans le style arrogant, qui a fait de lui un des personnages les plus honnis du Québec, il y a un peu moins de deux décennies : « En obéissant aux ordres, j’ai peut-être dirigé une population entière vers une mort certaine, mais elle a été lente et l'agonie a été rentable pour l’ensemble de l’industrie pharmaceutique. Et qui prétend le contraire fait partie de ceux qui croient encore que la terre est plate! »
Des indices d’impatience sont alors apparus sur le visage flasque et habituellement impassible du président du tribunal. Dans un frémissement de chair et avec un rictus de dédain à peine contenu, il s’adressa en ces termes à la défense : « Votre client n’avait-il pas choisi l’option de retrait, comme la plupart d’entre nous? »
-          - Si. Votre Honneur. Ce sont ses implants qui le font souffrir. Répondit l’avocat de la défense, en agitant une manette de contrôle à distance à l’endroit de Lavoie, sans autre effet que de provoquer de violents spasmes chez l’accusé, qui se mit à vociférer des borborygmes. Des signes d’une démence, qui ne pouvait être simulée.

À l’instar de Lavoie, les autres accusés, dont des anciens membres du conseil d'administration de l’entreprise privée, ont plaidé avoir obéi aux ordres de leurs supérieurs.

Il n’y aura pas d’autres accusés, certains banquiers ayant profité du chaos qui a suivi la longue semaine de panne électrique, pour se faufiler et se retirer dans leur paradis fiscal. Plusieurs PDG
malchanceux des télécommunications et leurs suites de politiciens ont quant à eux dû se contenter de s’enfuir au paradis tout court. Aussi, les audiences se sont terminées aujourd’hui. Le rideau est tombé. Il n’y a plus rien à voir. Vous pouvez continuer à magasiner en ligne. Les cliniques de santé et de fertilité demeureront toutefois ouvertes jusqu’à tard en soirée tant que la demande l’exigera.

L’ordre est revenu et selon vos précieux experts qui, grâce à l’heureux hasard d’avoir habité des municipalités qui s’étaient abstenues de l’adopter, ont survécu aux méfaits de cette technologie obsolète; « toute cette "crise" n'aurait rien à voir avec la récente panne d’électricité, que certains ont surnommé ‘L’éveil’ pour d’obscures raisons. Sachez que cette sensation inconfortable de ‘lucidité’, communément appelée syndrome de la tête légère, que chacun d’entre vous a fait l’expérience durant l’incident, n’était que le fruit d’une illusion qui a été, selon une étude revue par des pairs, la véritable origine de cette dure épreuve. »

Lors de cette recherche, il a aussi été mis en évidence, que le nouveau standard Wi-Fi au rayonnement de 500 kilomètres de Smarter Godman Sacre s’avère tout à fait inoffensif et vous permet maintenant de texter par télépathie en toute sécurité et à un prix que la feue compétition n’aurait pu vous offrir.

Fidèle à son engagement de penser pour vous, cette émission vous a été transmise en direct dans votre cortex par Godman Sacre Smart Implants. Pour un temps limité, nous offrons une option de retrait. Ceux
qui ont exprimé par la pensée le souhait de profiter de cette offre, peuvent dès maintenant, de par leur propre volonté sortir dehors. Les bras en croix, sur un tapis ou de la façon qui leur sied le mieux. Mais surtout, ce moment d’allégresse doit s’effectuer avec calme et dans l'ordre. Des agents prendront soin de satisfaire leur souhait.

Ordo ab chao (du chaos à l'ordre

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Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity

Part 1 out of 3

By Mario Dufour and Esse Nemo

A Trojan Horse

A new smart-meter Wi-Fi technology for energy utilities is being deployed all over the world. Here in Quebec, it is "rolled out" by the publicly owned Hydro-Quebec (H.Q.) under the directives from a "consultant", Accenture, and its Focus AX partner and manufacturers like Landis+Gyr, whose meters spontaneously combust more often than intended given that they are attached to homes, this is its first qualification as a Trojan horse, and its least injurious.
This global operation involving Hydro-Quebec has little to do with better management of the common good, but everything to do with satisfying the greed of a ruling class of financial and industrial 'powers'.
It is now necessary in order to satisfy their compulsive desire to know all, to have access to all the data that we are likely to generate.
By studying our habits, building profiles about us, they believe they are able to guide our decisions towards automation to a profitable target. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Common Good Management

Like many energy distributors and governments in any number of countries to jump on the brakeless train taking us with all speed to Smart Planet Nirvana, Gouvernement du Quebec and Hydro-Quebec tell us that the Focus AX meter has no other function than to transmit the data of our energy consumption in real time. This statement is already dishonest, when one understands what constitutes data mining and what it is able to reveal. H.Q. also says "The new Hydro-Quebec technology (as though it were theirs) will provide different functionalities in the future. For example, customers can monitor their consumption and make sound management choices". Really?! But what else can it do?
It is obvious that a digital system of energy management based on an open-source platform and administered exclusively by a public authority would be an important step forward; with the right safeguards it could offer a multitude of beneficial services to citizens. However, the project set up by the giants of finance and industry have other objectives.

Wolf to the Rescue of a Future Humanity

April 11, 2013, H.Q. issued a press release entitled Resources lent by Accenture complement the work force of Hydro-Quebec for a limited time period under specific mandates, and do not replace employees
We learned that 70 employees were embedded in the teams of H.Q. and a score of these are located outside of Quebec (e.g. Mumbai). Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms outsourcing, transferring jobs to countries where working conditions and regulations are more 'lax' in order to maximize profits.
Thus Accenture has become a global leader in the Internet of Everything Data Mining. Until recently, a strategic and chilling slogan on their website reads: "It is easier to predict the future when we create it ourself." (!?!)

The Origins of Accenture
Accenture was formerly Andersen Consulting, the consulting department of Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm behind the Enron scandal. Following that unfortunate miscalculation, they spent $ 2 billion to change their brand and rebuild their virginity by incorporating in Bermuda in 2001, at that time a primo tax haven. Then, due to changes in U.S. law, they moved their "mailbox" to Ireland, a 'friendlier' environment. 

About Their Integrity

In 2011 Accenture "agreed" to pay nearly $ 64 million in fines in the U.S. for overcharging contracts in information technology and tampering of tenders.
Because of their intimate knowledge of tax evasion and fraudulent schemes, they offer consultant and organisational services for the 'prevention and detection of fraud', collection of taxes, pension "reform", and many other societal services to governments around the globe.
In the development of smart grids, Accenture has a collaborator, Siemens, a bird of the same feather, indeed; December 15, 2008, Siemens pled guilty and "agreed" to pay a fine of $ 395 million for corruption of officials and other malpractices in Germany, $ 450 million in U.S. The name of this association is Omnetric and its goal is to go beyond measuring energy consumption, to improve integration of applications and data-analysis systems. These goals cover operation centers, its employees, and further to any consumer, making them, willing or not, a participant in their own mining. What should be protected is not and that's not in the sales pitch. 

An Ecosystem?
International Data Corporation (IDC) describes Accenture as a "leader in governance, risk management, Systems Integration technologies and cloud platform hosting services" for which it announced in April 2013 an investment of $ 400 million over three years. Accenture is to install the hardware and software following IP protocol of the Cisco Smart Grid Ecosystem at H.Q. Accenture and Landis + Gyr, which provides the smart meters, are members of C.S.G.E.. This protocol is used to establish a common language in the development of products for industrial Internet, from a smart meter, a toothbrush, the fridge, the door lock, the car or Bill Gates's chip implants, revealing our every use/touch of anything of interest to industrial and financial entities, and so much more intimately than that (the NSA, but that is a topic to be covered in part 3). The project/wet dream of your corporate rulers is to program humanity as an ecosystem* where the environment is learning our habits to predict our actions and "needs" to provide us with products or make decisions for us, when it does not create them.
When a citizen chooses to participate in a cult, as some H.Q. high-profile employees did in the past, or dance into greed or leap into drunkenness, we respect his choice as his esoteric activities do not irradiate our bedroom or give him access to any other sanctuary.
But, this ecosystem does not allow room for free will and in the specs manual of the Focus AX that H.Q. imposes upon us, Landis + Gyr says the meter is designed to easily adapt to smart-grid technologies. In other words, it will adapt to the evolution of systems integration and data-analysis applications. The sky is the limit, kids.
In mid-January the corporate media networks, specializing in smart meters, and, were ecstatic at the news of the purchase of NEST by Google Labs. NEST produces a thermostat equipped with sensors that studies the habits of consumers and the environment and which upgrades automatically. It is part of the smart-grid ecosystem generating its data on your habits and the conditions in your home, suggesting insulation products, for example. But that is only the barest beginning, and the arrival of this hyperactive creator of Big Bang Disruptors in utilitarian objects residences, promises further and rapid technological developments generating profits already making investors salivate like a pedophile at Disney World.
* for economic system

Right Consumer Education--Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right!

Roll-out is a military term used by the industry, which tells us all about the spirit of the implementation of smart grids. For the roll-out to be a success, they need all the humans in the sheep pen, they are creating and they need all of them to be fully committed and involved, unaware that they live and die in a dystopian nightmare. So, SmartEnergy IP devised a model of education of the consumer smart grid for executive power, industrial, suppliers and other interested industry partners. 

Remember the Blonde Beside the Buick?

The industry repeats ad nauseam the same mantra. Smart this! Smart that? Here, we have it. A dumbing-down tactic, most typical of dishonest marketing communication. You'll believe that war is peace and that it is 'smart' to rely on them to organize every aspect of your life. And your death, womb to the tomb.

Under the Wolves' Skin

Voila. The wolves' design on the future of humanity, in accordance with its predatory paradigm, naturally. Now, he stands right there, naked. Revealing its big banks greedy face, covered by industry's immoral but gleaming fur. Will you be his sheep?
At this stage, based on the facts we have today, elected officials can regulate radio-frequencies emissions on their territory for health-precautionary principles and reject the installation of smart meters or other microwave infrastructure. Governments can just stop this madness by a swift stroke of a pen. But, it doesn't come as easy as it should. Why not?
Remember, this is a worldwide project. The industry leads, but much more prominent are the financiers, those that print money out of thin air, debt slavery to governments, powerful weapons to impose their agenda. Fearful and that is a great tool for belief, and believers, governments are, they know whom they serve. But who would trust any enslaved human or compromised representative of one sovereign interests, to appropriately move on by their own free will if they have sold the right to it? 
Here, the serf like Gouvernement du Quebec and the esoteric Hydro-Quebec bowed with enthusiasm to the dictates of the predator and went in a frenzy to get their copy of the Smart Grid Customer Education Model, as greedy men at a free lunch.
Scarce Time Before Time-Out 
The corporate problem is, as people, you are numerous. "That is why they are building this technologic sheep pen", you'll tell me.
They acknowledge full well their soft spot, well aware that your number is a tremendous weapon compare to their lies, hypocrisies and fiat monies, which are the power of the weak.
Because of that, they are like wolves hiding in the trees.
Bear in mind that you are near the end of the hunt, of being penned and fattened for a dinner.
Understand that they are always in a panic mood, challenging the law of gravity without success since centuries.
Now, that you know the potential of your own power, what will you do?
Take them by surprise. Do it alone or as a group.
But, act quickly! Can't you smell their breath?